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Motocross 2008. Summer Cup Forsage.

August 23 - the day was not on there is excellent: a shower and a night, soaked the track so that it did not have extra water (which is a feature of the summer motocross tracks - clouds of dust, out from under the wheels of motorcycles), and moderate temperatures, although the athletes Despite the weather, oh, how hot it was!
Summer Motocross Cup Forsage opened at 11 o'clock the solemn words of the organizers of the competition - Director of ITC IL-Moto Fear Oleg O., Director MUDOD SYUT Industrial District Shushakova Marina L., and guest of honor - the President of the National Russian Motorcycle Federation Grigory Ivanovich Shulika. Referee team decided to cut a circle for the youngest participants in grades 50, 65 and 110 cm3. And the athletes and fans was declared so much that it was decided to divide the class into 2 classes free of cubic engine, which is very encouraging, as the athletes an additional opportunity to win such a tempting prize. Besides the prizes, the statement in the prize pool, impressive. The five classes of first-place winners got a scooter.
Traditionally, asked the heat on their 50-vat motorcycles most young athletes, the youngest participants in this class of motorcycle 5 years. Despite his age, these young men feel confident in the saddle horses and iron are discharged pirouettes, which inadvertently can not look away from the action represented. Confident Sergei Makarov won, a graduate of the team Forsage Izhevsk. I'll note that Sergei motoshkolu came in recently, but already successfully recaptures the first place to the delight of parents and svom coach. It is worth noting that all the guys that started in this class "fifty dollars" - our students motoshkol. 2nd place Nekrasov Vlas (SDYUSTSH Belkammotosport Izhevsk), 2nd place - Kryazhevskikh Igor (city Mozhga).
In the class of 65 cubic meters. cm, which allowed participants from 8 to 12 years, turned a bitter struggle. After the first arrival, did not leave for a competitor Zenin Vyacheslav - STC "Miner" Uchaly. 2nd place won back Maslov Nikita (Saransk). Excelled at this motocross Uchalinskiy STK "Miner" - Gabidullin Ravil, 3rd place. Nikita Slesarev (team Forsage) conquered the legitimate 4th place. Keep it up guys!
For the second year in the competition and the MPR included NRMF class - racing motorcycles 110 cm3 production ETC "IL-Moto." The idea srednekubaturnyh motocross bikes, embodied in the life of ITC "IL-Moto", allows you to refill your motoshkolam motorcycle park and provides an opportunity for many children to take the first steps in motocross. A distinctive feature of these races is that guys are competing on the same motorcycle. Does the athlete comes first - it depends only on its persistence and degree of training. First place went to Ayupov Marat - the young athlete Uchalinskiy motoshkoly.
From 2 to 5, inclusive places to pupils got Motoshkoly Industrial District of Izhevsk. This Semakov Alexander Vasiliev, Nikita, Khodyrev Dennis, Ivan Dimov.In the class of 85 cm3 first place was a candidate for master of sports Pevtsov Constantine (Ekaterinburg). 2nd place at the representative of SK "Sura" (Penza) - Amineva Vladimir. 3rd place - Mavrin Alexander (Naberezhnye Chelny).
This rivalry with the hard rumble of motorcycles, increasing adrenaline in the blood as the riders, so, and no doubt the fans, began in the motorcycle class, "Retro". Athletes are not the last one or two rear, sharply muted roar of the speaker, the audience and judges. According to the regulations of the duration of arrival - 15 minutes plus 2 laps. Landslide victory won Gubaidullin Edward STK "Miner", 2nd place went to Peter Medvedev (city Birsk), 3rd place - Andrew Zhuikov (p. Debesy). All awardees - candidate for master of sports. It is gratifying that in this class involves retro motorcycles IZH, CZ (Czechoslovakia), and motorcycles Forsage.
Continued competitive "fly" the participants in the class of "free": another spectacular flight of hurdles Cross road motorcycles and can not be called. All the spectators, who occupied vantage points throughout the route (length 1500 m), it was not a "tear." All thoughts and eyes were on the motorcycle, hovering over every slope and lifting clouds of dust on the track dried. Motocross - the spectacle, excitement, a sense of competition and the joy of victory - that's what moves the current and future athletes, prompting to do this is really difficult sport.
The ups and downs, the bitterness of disappointment and joy of the championship - and it is always for life. If the rider and will not be an outstanding athlete, he will surely give your child in motorsport, his heart will beat faster with the noise of the motor and the stroke of the judicial yellow flag.
In the class of "Free 125" the first and second place was shared by athletes STK "Miner" - Vyacheslav Aznaur Safin and Alfred (g.Uchaly). 3rd place Alex captured the Peregozhin of Zelenodolsk. 4 and 5 place again went to the representatives of Uchalinskiy motoshkoly - Suleymanov Ildusu Samorodova and Anton.
In the class of "Free 450" landslide victory won Master of Sport Homutin Michael (STK "Miner" g.Uchaly), 2nd place went to Paul Tyurin - Motoshkola Industrial District (Izhevsk), 3rd place otvoevl Dmitry Bulavkin - SC to them. G.Kadyrova (UFA).
Safety was monitored competition teams of traffic police, ambulance and fire brigade. Commentator competition constantly reminded the audience about the rules of conduct in the area of ​​the track. The organizers pleased with the participants of the "soldier" buckwheat porridge and hot tea.
The result of the competition. In summer motocross Forsage Cup on prizes ETC "IL-Moto" was attended by 105 participants. In addition to the riders of the Udmurt Republic in the competition participated by athletes from Perm, Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, has taken into account, Dmitrovograda, Kazan, Birsk, Penza, Saransk, Ulyanovsk, Yelabuga, Yoshkar-Ola, Ufa and others. Seven students won prizes Uchalinskiy Motoshkoly. On the observation deck was attended by about 4,500 spectators. All spectators and fans were pleased with the end of the waiting and hard competition.
Motocross - a very specific sport, it attracts people with its entertainment, excitement, high velocities. Gather a crowd of "onlookers neuchastnyh" it is impossible, if he "would delay," that until the end of the competition. In comparison with the winter motocross, which is different excessively cold weather, the audience gathered at times more. Motocross is traditionally held twice a year, taking the main goal for service - the development of motor sport and, in particular, children's motor sport as the in Izhevsk, and beyond. No wonder the Izhevsk once called "the capital of the motorcycle."
The organizers express their gratitude to conduct and facilitate the organization of competitions Ustinov Administrations and Industrial districts, the Office of Physical Education and Sport, driving school, "Syures" STREAM-TV, the discount system Izhevsk Defacto Discount and OAO "Gazprom".

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Spring Motocross!

Spring Motocross!

The streets and roads of our country, with the onset of heat, there are many motorcycles. Zelenogorsk was no exception. Teens under 16 years old to ride mopeds and mokikov not having the right to do what is written in chapter 24 of the SDA. Leaving the roadway, the young riders move to the gross violations of traffic rules, creating a dangerous situation.

In order to instil law-abiding and safe behavior among teenagers in OGIBDD, Center for "The Knight" and the bike club «BARHEST MC» held a joint event. Kids parties have passed a serious test of knowledge of traffic rules, and then gathered at the city kartodroma for the practical part of the competition.

The competitions were held in two age groups in two directions: figure and high-speed driving karts and figure driving a motorcycle. The struggle was not for children, as the requirements for the participants were quite high. Along with the boys and girls competed, I must say in some aspects superior to them.

Won by the best. They are: Appanas Eugene, Medyuk Andrew Ulvert Ivan - in the older group and Modorov Paul, Dmitry Sinitsyn, Buyanov Denis - in the younger group. Each received a well-deserved awards, won first place prize from the bikers - helmet, which the children gave the chief OGIBDD EG Malyshev.

At the end of the competition among teenagers had the opportunity to communicate with the bikers. They looked with great interest to the modern and captivating brilliance of his motorcycles and asking questions that they were interested. Bikers just chased another good purpose - to convey to children the need to respect the law of roads, and showed them the means of protection and of course the strength and power of his technique.

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winter Motocross

That's the promised article about winter motorcycle operation. Clarify: this is not just a theory but a summary of my daily practice.Once again, I declare: Riding a motorcycle in the winter - is quite normal, no not the "extreme" (can not stand this stupid word!). I will say more than that, we have some owners of motorcycles riding on them only in the winter! This, of course, fishermen - in the summer the river can be reached by car, but push it through the snow - not such a pleasure. To be fair to add that they all ride motorcycles with sidecars - need somewhere to put the same device for catching fish, vodka and more. I myself just go to work on the bike all year round. Do not think that the chill has brains and now you can expect from me the most. If you are near the entrance of the plant are usually two or three motorcycles, it used to be much larger. Just become more cars. But I can not too early to understand how you can have fun sitting in a tin box on wheels. And on two wheels get the full enjoyment of the program!I begin with materiel. If the summer is fashionable to afford to ride a bike is not working perfectly, then in the winter - no. The engine should wind up in any weather. The battery can nedozaryazhatsya due to low temperatures, so that once a week it has to be recharged. The oil in the crankcase is better to take thinner, or just a little bit of kerosene linut there, and the spring flood is normal. Ropes must lubricate the best silicone (silicone) grease - in the cold, they can freeze or become a "rubber". If you have a carburetor housings, make sure you put them - while parked on the street the snow gets into the carburetor, then melts and remains in the float chamber. Regularly pulled out pieces of ice ...Starting the bike. As shown, up to -15 degrees mototechnics any start up smoothly. Next - is worse. I do not recommend warming the crankcase, the engine has nothing on this train. Better warm up the candle. As a rule, the adjusted engine that's enough. By the way, about the adjustment. Few enrich the carburetor mixture needles show a lot - screw quality. Carburetor will be rich, but better start. Add idle - the engine should not stall ever. Otherwise - locking rear wheels and drop the bike. I'll be back to the candle. I have a simple but effective method: I always carry a spare in the pocket of a candle. And a couple of pieces in the glove compartment. But is that in your pocket - warm!You make the bike carefully. First, a few times the engine bleed Kick. Then open benzokranik, gasoline pump up drowning float. The corrector has not yet touch. Start and run engine at idle, no more than one quarter. When it starts up (and it starts up), then you can add the gas and play a little dresser. A little - because you, and so enriched mixture by adjusting the carburetor. If the engine has persisted in its unwillingness to wind up, then you can still try to enrich the fuel mixture as a proofreader. But be careful - the cold candle is often flooded with gasoline. So, if the engine will not start, better crank and watch the candle. If it is dry - to open the gas pump through the engine and then fill in a few (depending on engine size) cubes of gasoline. After that, the engine can not start. If the candle raw - change it to spare. Sometimes, in the bitter cold to start the engine in the dark night, we have to try three candles - more with it not I drive. In the morning easier - saving hot candle ever! Especially if you make the engine about 15 minutes before departure, and warm it. Incidentally, I am now going to do. Today, under -30, wound up with difficulty.Now, about what to ride. I went in the winter opposites (M67-36), "Planet" and "Minsk". But the best was a moped "Karpaty". The fact that winter does not need more power and lighter equipment, the easier it is to manage it. Moreover, the fall - there is a difference, too. Or lie pinned a heavy motorcycle, or light. Of course, the moped is not so pathetic, as opposites, but it is easier to ride. But: start opposites and "Planet" is much easier. Thickened oil in the crankcase is not so easy to crank weak "half a ruble," and even on loose snow, he is heading is not so hot as. The worst is a choice - a scooter. His "taburetochnaya" landing and small wheels negate the protection of the knees from the cold wind.To learn how to spike wheels and a chain to wear, I've written (see "To slide"), and therefore dwell on this issue will not go, and immediately move on to the technique of driving. The basic rule here - to do everything carefully, precisely and accurately. Ice and snow do not forgive mistakes. Although the decline is not as painful as the asphalt, but is able to brake on a slippery road walking track "KamAZ" - is another question. More precisely, not even a question. Therefore, the number one commandment - not impudent, give way to anyone who could. I understand that many people it will be hard, and what to do?Patient question - drive off. My way is: gazanut sharply in neutral, turn on the transmission (because of the thick oil the bike a little jerks, even heavy opposites), and then slowly release the clutch on a fairly large gas. Once the bike ride starts, release the clutch and throttle at the same time. Normally the engine should be adjusted to pull at idle. And then quietly dispersed. Be careful at high engine speeds - even weak "fifty dollars" they can break the rear wheel to slip! So as much as possible to drive small and medium engine speeds. It is clear that the "Jupiter" is pretty hard, but because he was away for the winter is far from ideal.Need to turn the wheel very carefully, and most importantly - accurately. They can not wag not in any way. If you feel that you can not control a motorcycle (and this often happens on a slippery uneven road) - relax your hands and relieve gas. The motorcycle will probably fall on its side - hold his feet. Or at least do stay on their feet. In general, the fall in the winter - is the norm. Personally, I fall over the winter a dozen times. But all of them - with no consequences, except that the setting is get off the mirror. Yes, in any case not turning his head, looking out from behind the machine! better to hang a mirror under the extra wheel, so as not to obscure the elbow. When I realized that when you turn the head back, I'm losing trajectory, began to think, why so? It turned out that because of the clothes not only turns his head, and shoulders, too. What it is - is clear.Forget about the sudden acceleration or stops. Remember that there is no front brake. I mean - do not. Can it even detach completely - will not be worse, only better. But that does not mean that we should slow down the rear brake. He, too, is valid only in small doses. Brake motor. And since they do not slow down quickly - especially not overclocked. Maximum speed in the winter can be considered as 60 km / h Anything above - not extreme, and debilizm. But the rear brakes have brake properly - not to pressure him with all the dope, but first a few times a little push on the pedal (as in trucks with pneumatic brakes), and only then gradually slow down, preventing wheel lock.Now, about the obstacles. The worst thing - icy track and tram lines. Try not to stop off at the track - or leave them difficult or impossible! But if you feel that you are still pulling in a rut - sharply (and accurately!) To move out and move it right on the edge. Here is where you need precise control of the wheel jewelry! If possible, get out, hit a little one edge of the track, and then abruptly exit at the other side. Look behind the rear wheel, if it can not easily get out of the rut, once again, move down to it, otherwise the bike will deploy, and it falls under the car going after. It does not matter that they were going after and honking - it does not concern you. It will be necessary - will tour you take your summer.Tram tracks move into first gear, putting his feet - how will the cold tires on the slippery iron - no one knows, even herself. It is better to go around them with the edge of the snow, not ice. Snow drifts on the contrary, force it to disperse, throwing gas at least to overcome them. It is insidious remnants of snow after the snow thrower: among the fresh snow can hide blocks of ice and hard snow. Personally, I fear them most.After reading all this, one might think that winter riding - the horror and the nightmare. This is not the case, the worst thing happens in the summer when you believe in good adhesion of rubber to asphalt. The most important thing in the winter - do not think, ride a couple of days, you become a professional. Basic skills are coming in a month - another daily drive, and the total confidence - at least two years. And the "greatest of the great" - never to drive a motorcycle in the winter in a state of intoxication! Dig a grave in the frozen ground is not so easy ...P.S. This article I wrote two in the morning before work. Yesterday it was at -30, with the launch of the engine had to be tricky. Today is -12 degrees, the engine fails to start on the third kick. And what you want. "

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Motocross (sometimes abbreviated as MX or MotoX)

Motocross (sometimes abbreviated as MX or MotoX) - style of riding a motorcycle or ATV off-road trails or special circularity. Motocross is the most popular motorcycle sport in the world. Motocross started to gain popularity in France, where he used to be called Skrembling, but was invented in the UK. The world's first motocross race took place in Camberley in 1924 The name "motocross" formed from the words "Motorcycle" (English "bike") and "Cross Country" (English "suppression area"). Gradually the name became abbreviated to MX.

Motocross tracks are usually quite long (1.5-3 km) and include natural obstacles with different variations of specially designed ramps and other handmade items. There has not met the road, which would consist of hills and turns, without a single jump. Supercross, motocross as a kind of - it is entirely man-made trail, usually a short length with many jumps and turns, the construction of the stadiums (and sometimes indoor).
Due to the size of the road, in motocross typically involved 40 riders, and in Supercross - about 25.
Races are different in length, usually measured in time plus 1-2 range. Grand Prix (GP) or Chempioant of America (Pro AMA) are usually within 30 minutes + 2 laps. Amateur racing is usually occupied by much smaller, about 10 minutes. When the appointed time comes, people honk racers at the finish that left one (or two) of the disk, and then the race ends the checkered flag waved. Other off-road variety, such as Enduro (almost the same as motocross, racing only pass on the great natural highway, and are much longer and at higher speeds). There is established a certain number of laps or just the maximum time limit.Races take place on arrival. Usually a race consists of two check-up which is made final.

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Extreme Sports. motocross

It is human nature to forget the old and familiar in favor of something new and unusual fashion. However, as the long-standing practice, everything in this world is cyclical, really good must come back again, and secondary, "pupsovoe" would stand aside. I want to believe that he, although a small rise, which is observed in motor sports today, will grow into the present, the rapid development.
After all, motocross is really primarily a sport, not a show for the feverish public ...

Do you remember how it all began ...
The history of motocross is so closely associated with other types of motorsport, the first stage to separate them completely pointless. For readers probably will not be news that the first motorcycle was built in Germany in 1885, Gottlieb Daimler. He invented a machine for riding, which is a bicycle with wooden frame and belt drive weighing 50 pounds, with a 1-cylinder gasoline engine working volume of 264 cubic centimeters, which allowed to reach speeds of 12 kilometers per hour. Over the next eight years, motorcycles have appeared in almost all European countries.

The passion of man to compete immediately manifested itself. In 1894 at the initiative of the magazine "Le Petit Journal" held its first race "mechanical crews." There was no division between road and motosorevnovaniya, so the race took part in a four-wheel "race cars", and tricycles, motorcycles - only the wheels were turning the motor. These events marked the beginning of the modern cars and motorsports.
The development of motor sport, or rather its distribution, was directly related to the production of motor vehicles, and it just was not. But the bike nothing could stop them. By the early 20th century it became an independent means of transport: a division between the two-track vehicle and motorcycle single track (in the case of two-track accession strollers). In 1899 in Vienna, the first official race motorcycles.
These events also served as an impetus to the establishment of an international federation of motorcycle clubs, founded July 8, 1904 in the Czech city of motorsports enthusiasts Pakov from several countries. This organization, later renamed the International Federation of Motorcycle sport, began to conduct regular international competition.
It is believed that the first competition in motocross races were between the 13th motorcyclists and 16 riders, which took place at a military training ground near London in 1908. The purpose of motorcyclists had to prove that the new technique can be moved on the road is no worse and sometimes better than horses. In the race won a landslide victory ungulates "vehicle", finishing almost at full strength. Of the riders got only two. However, it is no longer able to become a barrier to the development of motor sport.
The most significant event, which began to carry out even before the World Cup - was the "Cross of Nations" was first performed in 1947. Then the team won the UK. These competitions are held to this day.
In 1955 at the initiative of FIM (International Motorcycle Federation), the first European Championships, and in 1957 hosted the first World Championships, which consisted of the stages that took place in nine European countries. At each stage, the winner of the Grand Prix was handed the host country.
Happy Birthday Russian motorsport is considered to be October 11, 1898, when the first "race engines", which was held at a distance of 39 miles from the station near St. Petersburg to the Alexander Strelna Warsaw railway and back. The initiators of this race were the first in Russia with support from motorists' cycling community. " Subsequently, competition cars and motorcycles have become regular.

Modern Motocross
Motocross is the most popular motorcycle sport in the world. The world's first motocross race took place in Camberley in 1924. The name "motocross" formed from the words "Motorcycle" (English "bike") and "Cross Country" (English "suppression area"). Gradually the name became abbreviated to MX.
Motocross tracks are usually quite long (1.5-3 kilometers) and include natural obstacles with different variations of specially designed ramps and other handmade items. There has not met the road, which would consist of hills and turns without a springboard. Supercross, motocross as a kind of - it is entirely man-made trail, usually a short length with many jumps and turns, built on the stadium (and sometimes indoor).
Due to the size of the tracks are usually involved in motocross racers 40 and in Supercross - about 25.
Races are different in length, usually measured in time plus 1-2 range. Grand Prix (GP) or the American League (Pro AMA) are usually within 30 minutes + 2 laps. Amateur racing is usually occupied by much smaller, about 10 minutes.
Motocross Championships
The purpose of the race - to pass a certain number of laps (from 3 to 7 for the fans, more for professionals) or a fixed amount of time (up to 40 minutes) first. Races are usually held in two phases, which resulted in the total score is obtained and the final result. On your marks out a few riders.
Motocross is one of the most spectacular sports, where the raiders do big jumps, go through the turns, while the balance from the fall ...
Recently appeared in motorsport subspecies, such as Supercross, or Arenakross (both - indoor motocross), Freestyle (FMX) (stunts on motorcycles), Supermoto (motard) (motocross tracks on asphalt), and vintage motocross (motorcycle competition, create up to 1975).
The most famous in the world are two series: in America - AMA Championship, also known as the "National Championship" (nationals) and the World Championship Motocross, also known as the Grand Prix.
AMA Motocross Championship Series generally runs from early May to mid-August and consists of 12 stages on the 12 routes in different parts of the United States. Every race is held on Sundays at two classes of "Motocross" and "Motocross Lites". And consists of two rounds of 30 minutes plus two laps. In general, a step takes about 2 hours.
Motocross World Championship is held usually in Europe, with several "exit" stages in South Africa and Japan, but sometimes in America or other countries. The format is the same as racing in the AMA. Two classes: MX1 and MX2 arrival of two in each class. World Cup consists of 16 or more stages.
Both series combined race Motocross Des Nations (MXDN) (usually translated from the French, but it does mean Motocross Nations). The format is such that drivers represent their country at the teams: 3 person team, each in its class - MX1, MX2 and "Open." Phase 3 is held in check. Location varies from year to year. The strongest teams - the U.S., Belgium and the UK.
Physical activity

Those who do not ride on the motocross bike, usually do not realize how strong physical exertion experienced riders. For some reason they think that the riders do not do anything except to twist rudder and throttle, and feel that it is the same as driving a family car.
Motocross requires a very serious physical training, mostly arm, shoulder and endurance in general. Rider must keep control of the motorcycle at the maximum possible rate, while holding the bike weighs 100 pounds, which is usually about 50 horsepower. The hands and feet while riding the racer is constantly in motion, in the struggle to control and absorb shocks from minor bumps and big jumps, not counting possible undershooting the mark. Finally, professional racing last for more than an hour. This is a real test for the riders.
National Institute of Sports and Health in Inglewood, California, conducted tests of several professional athletes in the early '80s. Among them were runners, motokrossery, rugby players, football players, and many others. Tests have shown that the most stressful loads experienced motocross riders, and they also have the highest level of physical fitness.
News motofristayla

New frenzy Meddisona
28-year-old Australian motofristayler Robbie "Maddo" Meddison, made his next breathtaking leap. This time the "Maddo" became Corinth Canal in Greece. Dug in the Corinth Canal in 1893, many riders dream to jump, but it was Meddisonu first. Dispersed his Honda, he jumped from the ramp installed on one side of the channel and landed on the opposite side of the receiver, flying about 90 meters. The highest point of the jump was 95 meters.
In the words of the rider, the band was the most difficult to disperse the constant change of the soil: grass, concrete, and then a tree, asphalt and even carpet. After Greece, the rider will go to the World Series Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which this year is determined to win. Recall that earlier Robbie Madison famously jumped by 30 meters up the Arc de Triomphe, and jump over Tower Bridge in London.

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In Kandalaksha of Murmansk region hosted the championship in motocross

In Kandalaksha, the sand pit on the White Sea, Murmansk region championship was held in motocross. On the bikes got young and old, and recognized champions, and most kids. The youngest riders still in school do not go. Our crew witnessed the race most young athletes.Two minutes before the start, the coaches - as a rule, fathers of young athletes - give final instructions to his players. But they seem to hear nothing - is passionate about the upcoming race.
Biking - for real men, those who are not afraid of the roar of the engine, the slush on the road, high jumps. Not afraid to fall off at full speed to make the bruises and bumps, and even more serious injury.
The race among the kids - the oldest 9, the youngest - a total of 6. Watch how they cope with their bikes, and just wonder.
Pope, in general, do current racers, with their sons do not lisp, and cry in the event of failure do not allow.
A couple of years ago in the Murmansk region participated in the race two - three children, now we already have a whole team of children. It is not so strong to win tournaments in Russian, but the guys are confident they can beat their peers in the prestigious tournament. And the coaches are convinced that all we would get if the trails will be more, but no help what-organizers of the tournament will receive from the authorities. In the meantime, to participate in all races the athletes have to spend only the money.

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History of motocross

                                                                                                                                                                                           Although motocross - English invention, but its popularity it is certainly obliged to the French, who gave him the name "skrembling." Year of birth of motocross is considered to be 1924, when in Camberley was the first in the world of motorcycling.The name of this species also gave the British motor sport - it comes from the English words "motorcycle» (motorcycle) and "cross-country» (cross country). Over time the name was reduced to acronyms MX, which is used today.The main difference from other types of motocross motorcycle sport - it features runs. The condition for the choice of trails for motocross - is off-road, all kinds of natural and artificial obstacles (such as trampolines, slides, turns), a large length (1.5-3 km). Also, these tracks often make looped, with special unpaved.Depending on the type of route (natural or artificial) produce varieties of motocross. For example, Supercross is a style of driving on a small track with artificial obstacles, a large number located at the stadiums or indoors. In this regard, Supercross, usually involved no more than 25 riders (about 40 in motocross).Duration of races is usually measured in time, plus a few laps, for example, or the Grand Prix Championship of America usually last 30 minutes plus two laps. In contrast to the professional, amateur races last about 10 minutes. At the end of the appointed time racers at the finish signal that is left 1 or 2 rounds, after which the wave of the checkered flag heralds the end of the race.